A New Platform to Reach Millions of New Customers | Amazon Appstore

Publish your app in over 236 countries and territories while leveraging Amazon’s network of shoppers — Amazon Appstore

New Platform for the Developer to reach new audiences through Amazon Appstore.

Why go with Amazon App Store?

  • Quality reach
  • Unique ways to make money
  • Pain-free publishing

New Platform

  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Fire tablets

App Submission on Amazon App Store…

  • You can submit the Android or HTML5 web app on Amazon App Store

Amazon Appstore Presubmission Checklist

  • App Content
  • App Preparation
  • Images
  • Intellectual Property (IP) Documentation (if needed)
  • Testing
  • Device Targeting
  • Installation Location
  • Security Profile (Amazon Device Messaging only)
  • Compile Errors
Amazon Appstore Presubmission Checklist | Widle Studio (Bhavik Limani)
Amazon Appstore Presubmission | Widle Studio

App development

  • Create new versions of your existing Android apps
  • Login with Amazon
  • Build rich multi-screen experiences for Amazon Fire TV (Amazon Fling)

Monetization tools

In-App Purchasing

  • Sell digital content and subscriptions, including in-game currency and more, from within your apps.

Developer Promotions Console

  • Create temporary discounts for your apps, games, and in-app items.

Mobile Ads

  • Monetize your apps across platforms with great eCPM and high-quality ads from Amazon and brand advertisers.

Testing tools

App Testing Service

  • Just drag and drop your Android APK for compatibility results on Appstore, Fire tablet, and Fire TV. Over 75% of Android apps work with no additional development work.

Live App Testing

  • Distribute and test your app against the full suite of Amazon services, including In-App Purchasing, in an actual production environment.

Web App/HTML 5 Test

  • See how your HTML5/Web App or mobile-optimized website performs on a Fire TV, Fire tablet, or another Android device.

Engagement tools

Amazon Moments

  • Reward customers globally with digital and physical items delivered by Amazon when they complete high-value actions in your cross-platform apps.

Merch by Amazon

  • Generate revenue through the sale of custom-branded products in your game. Take your fans to the next level.

Alexa for Video Publishers

  • Build experiences to help your customers easily find, consume, and control video content using just their voice on Fire TV and Echo Show devices.

Amazon Device Messaging

  • Send push notifications from the cloud to devices that run your app.

Amazon GameOn

  • Drive engagement, increase monetization, and award real-world and in-game prizes with cross-platform competitions.

Amazon Incentives API

  • Encourage loyalty to your apps by integrating Amazon gift cards as an incentive.



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